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Winter School "Constitutional Justice: Practical Skills and Methodics of Moot Courts”, 30 January – 04 February 2014

On 30 January – 04 February 2014, Institute for Law and Public Policy and Russian University of Cooperation jointly held in Moscow Winter School "Constitutional Justice: Practical Skills and Methodics of Moot Courts”. The unique Program was developed in the context of broad implementation of the competence approach to the preparation of lawyers of new generation taking into account the experience of the All-Russian Contest for Constitutional Justice 2011-2013 and recommendations of Russian and foreign experts and practical wishes of judges and officers of the Secretariat of the Constitutional Court of Russian Federation. 

The Winter School invited more than 8 graduate law students, post-graduates and lecturers specializing in the constitutional sphere from the Russian institutions of higher education, including participants from 4 regions of Russia: Stavropol, Ekaterinburg, Moscow, Vladivostok.

The Program of the Winter School was intended for 5 days allowed the participants in the course of intensive studies with the highly professional educators who had had the experience both of real interaction with the Russian Constitutional Court and organization and conduction of moot courts to improve skills of legal writing and drafting documents submitted to the Constitutional Court of Russian Federation, of forming the reasoned legal position, of implementing comparative approach, of eloquence and time-management.

The School`s Program was developed by the Institute's experts, PhD in Law Maxim Timofeyev and Alexey Dolzhikov. Special guests were Alexandra Troitskaya, PhD in Law, Associate Professor, Department of Constitutional and Municipal Law, Moscow State University; Tatiana Khramova, officer of the Secretariat of Russian Constitutional Court as well as Alexandra Ivlieva and Grigory Vaypan representatives (and now the coaches) of Moscow State University (MSU) team - the first in the history the Russian team that won the prestigious international competition in international law (moot court) under Philip C. Jessup.

Participants underlined all workshops combines as theoretical and practical part as well prepared by Alexei Dolzhikov: "The requirement of proportionality of rights limitation and judicial balancing of the conflicting constitutional interests," Maxim Timofeyev: "Constitutional justice implementation and reference to comparative legal and international documents, Tatiana Khramova: "Acceptability criteria of a complaint: simple formality or an important aspect of constitutional justice". As well as the workshop by Alexandra Troitskaya: "Methods of teaching constitutional law and analysis of judicial decisions."

The School handouts consisted of the ​​decisions of the Russian Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights, as well as of carefully selected thematic scientific publications, mostly appearing in the "Comparative Constitutional Journal". More than 40 materials were proposed to participants.

Classes were held with the active involvement of the whole group in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere that has been noted by all participants. At the end of the School participants were awarded certificates.

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