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Quality Journalism on Strategic Litigation in Russia

Quality Journalism on Strategic Litigation in Russia

The Institute ащк Law and Public Policy is launching a long-term project to train journalists and bloggers writing about the legal actions in defense of public interests, important jurisprudence and the most significant trends in the development of constitutional and international justice.

The project draws on the previous experience of the Institute for the preparation of forensic journalists and is aimed at teaching young professionals the basics of the judicial system, Russian and international experience in covering case law, the principles of strategic legal defense of public interests and the ability to write simply about complex legal matters.

You can find more information on previously implemented preparatory stages of the project here.

Project objectives:

(1) increasing the accuracy and quality in the work of journalists at the federal and regional levels that cover Russian constitutional jurisprudence and the practice of international tribunals;

(2) increasing the number of high-quality legal comments in the journalistic materials on important cases considered by the Russian Constitutional Court, the ECHR and other international judicial bodies;

(3) forming a community of journalists and bloggers who are able to efficiently inform the public about the strategic potential of the Russian Constitutional Court and the ECHR for the protection of human rights and public interests.

The project will invest in the training of 20-30 young professionals writing on legal topics (either with journalistic or legal experience), will introduce them to key experts in both the field of law and journalism (Russian as well as international), conduct basic training and include in a discussion of key use cases and trends.

The materials of the training and seminars will form the basis of the Practical Guide for Journalists on key issues of covering the practice of the Constitutional Court and international courts. The first edition of the manual (in Russian) was authored by O.Podoplelova and A.Rumyantsev and published by the Institute for Law and Public Policy in 2016.

Target groups:

  • recent graduates and graduate students of the faculties of journalism, law, and other social and human sciences;
  • undergraduates / postgraduates of relevant specialties;
  • practitioners with publications on topics related to law and justice or demonstrating serious motivation to gain such experience.

Preference will be given to participants with the knowledge of English.

Timeframe and stages of the project:

- holding the Competition for participation in the project: until February 10, 2019;
- selecting participants: until February 28, 2019;
- holding workshops and webinars (including from the press secretaries of the European Court of Human Rights or other courts): from March, 2019;
- holding School of Judicial Journalism: April 21-27, 2019;
- holding a Workshop for School participants based on the results of the 1st year of study: July 1-3, 2019.

Nota bene! Participants who successfully complete the first year of study will be offered a chance to proceed to the next level of the program.

At the moment, the Advisory Board of the project is being formed, which will facilitate the implementation of the project and carry out the selection of the School participants.

Among the invited speakers of educational events are leading Russian, European and American experts.

The project is implemented in partnership with the American Constitutionalist Society (American Constitution Society for Law and Policy).



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