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09.10.2019 On April 18, 2019 the first comparative best practices workshop “Access of Human Rights Defenders to Penitentiary Institutions: Challenges and Protection through Strategic Litigation” was held in Moscow

On April 18, 2019 the LPP held the first out of the two comparative best practices workshop. The topic chosen for the workshop reflected the need of attorneys and human rights defenders to discuss the issues arising on a daily basis in their human rights work in penitentiary and pre-trial facilities.

The workshop was organised in partnership with the #NoTorture Coalition (headed by the Public Verdict Foundation) and the Netherlands-based Lawyers for Lawyers Foundation.

The Coalition contributed to elaboration of the workshop’s program, as well as provided assistance in inviting and bringing attorneys and human rights defenders who concentrate on working the Federal Penitentiary Service institutions in those regions where the scale of violations is massive and incendiary.

During the workshop, they shared their experience on the most common violations they have faced. Several issues voiced were chosen as priority issued by ILPP, as they have a potential for being resolved through strategic litigation means (denial of the right to bring technical equipment to a pre-trial facility; reduction of the time allocated for a meeting with a client by interruptions allowed by the Federal Penitentiary Service’s regulations). After the presentations, a discussion was facilitated focusing on the measures that can be undertaken in order to tackle these issues. The measures were divided into 3 groups: strategic litigation measures, legislative measures, and educational measures. These measures will be further elaborated and systematized in the comprehensive report to be published by the end of the Project.

Additionally, the members of Lawyers for Lawyers Foundation explained how the relations between attorneys, their clients and penitentiary service are regulated and enforced in the Netherlands.

The experience shared during the workshop were summarized in a review published on ILPP website (/news/events/2019/04/19/events_1109.html, in Russian) and social networks.

In total, 20 attorneys and human rights defenders from 5 Russian Regions (Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Kaliningrad, Chelyabinsk and Nizhniy Novgorod) were joined by 8 representatives of Lawyers for Lawyers Foundation.

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