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10.07.2019 On July, 1st-3rd, the Institute held a follow-up workshop for the participants of the School of Legal and Judicial Journalism

On July, 1st-3rd, the Institute held a follow-up workshop for the participants of the School of Legal and Judicial Journalism. The workshop marked the completion of the Quality Journalism on Strategic Litigation in Russia project. 7 lawyers and 16 journalists participated in the workshop. They represented 15 Russian regions (Moscow, St. Petersburg; the Vladimir, Kirov, Kaliningrad, Irkutsk, Moscow, Rostov, Tyumen, Perm regions; the Stavropol, Primorsky, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar Territories; the Republic of North Ossetia).

On the first day of the workshop two experts worked with participants. They were Nani Jansen Reventlow, a human rights lawyer and the founding Director of the Digital Freedom Fund, and Galina Arapova, a Director of the Mass Media Defence Centre.

During the first session, Nani Jansen Reventlow shared her extensive experience in strategic litigation in defence of freedom of expression on the Internet. Her second session addressed various scenarios of state intervention in free speech, implemented online. The participants worked in small mixed (lawyers-journalists) groups with hypothetical cases and shared their views on the permissibility of restrictions on the freedom of expression of journalists and bloggers.

During Galina Arapova’s sessions, the participants worked in small groups on cases of journalistic freedom and the attempts of the state to restrict such freedom. The objective was to identify legal risks linked to the dissemination of information in the press and online.

The main focus of the follow-up workshop was on the presentation of the participants’ final individual projects that they drafted during the Project. Each participant made a short presentation of his/her project, after which he/she received detailed comments from their colleagues and experts (Galina Arapova and Dmitry Shabelnikov) who had read the materials in advance.


The individual projects completed by the participants will be published on the ILPP website, as well as in the press.


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