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26.01.2018 A webinar entitled «The professional rights of attorneys in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights» was held on January 23, 2018

In the framework of the project «Using Constitutional and International Justice Mechanisms to Strengthen Human Rights Capabilities of the Russian Advokatura» the Institute for Law and Public Policy conducted a research of the ECtHR’s case law concerning violations and restrictions of attorneys’ rights during their professional activities. The summary of study results and analysis of key positions of the ECtHR were presented during the webinar which was held on January 23, 2018.

The webinar was attended by 80 people, including 54 attorneys, 11 lawyers, 5 assistant attorneys, 6 representatives of expert community and 4 professionals in other areas.

Webinar was dedicated to the contemporary landmark judgments of the ECtHR on the following issues:

  • Guarantees of legal professional privilege in the course of investigating activities;
  • The freedom of expression of lawyers in the courtroom and media;
  • The right to fair trial in the course of disciplinary proceedings within bars.

The webinar was hosted by Irina Osmankina, junior lawyer at the Institute for Law and Public Policy.

The video of the webinar is available on the Youtube-channel of the Institute.


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