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A round table on Evolution of Strategic Judicial Protection in Russia and Civil Society Participation: Practice and Trends held on June, 23 2017 in Moscow was organized by the Institute for Law and Public Policy within the Project Enhancing Civic Engagement in Strategic Constitutional Litigation in Russia.

The discussion brought together 29 representatives of civil society from 6 regions (Moscow, Voronezh, Novosibirsk, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod): lawyers from non-profit and social organizations, lawyers, university experts, journalists/court reporters. The participants shared their experience working with the Russian Constitutional Court, the European Court of Human Rights, the UN Human Rights Committee and other jurisdictional bodies.

In addition to discussing directly the practice of conducting socially significant (strategic) cases at the Russian Constitutional Court and the ECHR, the role and execution of their decisions, great attention was paid to the forms and methods of interaction with strategic judicial bodies. The participants discussed the role of amicus curiae, which is still not widely spread in the Russian judicial system (expert opinions, in which an independent expert opinion is expressed for those important socially significant issues that are the subject of legal proceedings). Separately, in the course of the discussion, the issue of identifying by lawyers systemic social problems in solving the cases of specific applicants was discussed, as well as the difference between strategic and socially significant court cases.

The media lawyers attending the round table in turn drew attention to the importance of competent information support for strategic litigation in Russia.

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