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29.05.2017 The winning team of the 2016 Crystal Themis, an All-Russian Moot Court Competition on Constitutional Justice, took part in the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

On May 20, 2017, the 7th St. Petersburg International Legal Forum (SPILF) came to a conclusion. Experts from all over the world gathered in St. Petersburg to discuss issues related to the legal regulation of information technologies and the future legal education, global trends in the development of  the legal profession, the regulation of financial transactions in accordance with the Russia’s Civil Code, problems related to protecting cultural heritage, and other relevant topics in the field of law enforcement.

The Forum was held from May 16 to May 20 and included more than 110 events and 3,000 participants from 79 countries. The discussion sessions included more than 500 speakers, including prominent professionals, academics, and experts in various fields of law. Forum guests discussed various problems in the spheres of law, finance, business, cultural preservation, and lawmaking.

More information can be found on the SPILF official website.

This year, the SPILF business program also included moot courts, in which participants discussed pressing issues on taxation and arbitration.



According to established tradition, the winning team of Crystal Themis, an All-Russian Moot Court Competition on Constitutional Justice, was awarded the opportunity to take part in the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum free of charge. In February 2017, this prize was awarded to a team of the Ural State Law University. The team consisted of Julia Serkova, Daria Vinarskaya, Maria Pilikina, Nikita Smetanin, Aigul Gilmanova, and Vladislav Vatamanyuk. The full team came to St. Petersburg to participate in the International Forum.

Team members told us why participation in the Forum was useful for them and shared their impressions.


 Nikita Smetanin:

This Forum is useful because it provides us with the opportunity to develop themes and ideas for academic research. It also touches on topical and problematic issues of the current law. However, because the emphasis in most of the discussions was on private law, I did not get much from this point of view because I am more interested in public law.


 Daria Vinarskaya:

The discussion on regulating the pharmaceutical market was very useful for me because it related to the theme of my thesis. It helped me to understand how I can improve my research.


 Maria Pilikina:

In terms of discussion areas, topics, and speakers, the Forum is amazing. Participating in this Forum helped me to choose a masters program. I was impressed with the speakers on private and civil law, which helped me to make my selection in favour of these areas. Therefore, I was very happy to be able to visit events where private law issues were discussed.


 Vladislav Vatamanyuk:

 The scale of such a Forum is, of course, impressive: The Forum brings together the most active and renowned lawyers. By taking part in such events, students see whom they can strive to become.  For example, they get to meet those professors whose books they study at universities. And it is certainly a very useful experience. I want to thank the Institute for Law and Public Policy for the opportunity to participate in this Forum. It gave me with knowledge and fellowship. I had the opportunity to meet with prominent experienced lawyers and state officials and ask them questions that were of interest to me. Like Maria, thanks to my participation in the Forum I was able to understand which topics are interesting to me, namely financial, business, and private law. These are the most relevant topics and what, in my opinion, students should learn. In university we are taught to study the law as it is, and unfortunately in most cases stop here. During the Forum, I once again became convinced that the legal practice is very important. It is the enforcement of law that affects all the changes that are discussed and planned by the speakers of the Forum, and it's simply impossible to not pay attention to it. 

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