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22.05.2017 On May14-15, 2017 the seminar on Appealing to the Russian Constitutional Court was held in Krasnoyarsk

On May14-15, 2017 the seminar on Appealing to the Russian Constitutional Court was held in Krasnoyarsk 

The event was organized by the Institutte for Law and Public Policy and the Institute for Advanced Training of Lawyers of the Lawyer Chamber of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, with the suppot of the Institute for Law and Public Policy within the project Enhancing Civic Engagement in Strategic Constitutional Litigation in Russia.

The seminar was attended by 29 professionals: attorneys (15), practicing lawyers (5), representatives of NGOs (4) and academic community (5).

The seminar was conducted with the help of the SFU Law School students: Evgenia Zolotareva, Anastasia Mikhaleva, Valeriya Lytkina,Vardun Khachbulagyan.  

The seminar was held by head of the ILPP Litigation Unit Grigory Vaypan.

Over the 16 seminar academic hours the participants got the answers to the following questions:

  • What cases can the mechanism of constitutional justice be effective in to protect civil rights and associations?
  • What are the criteria for the admissibility of complaints and how to determine the appeal prospects of filing a particular case to the Constitutional Court?
  • What is the complaint procedure at the Constitutional Court?
  • What are the specifics of certain types of constitutional complaints (challenging the uncertainty of legal norms, challenging the norms in the context of its litigation etc.)?
  • What are the tools and techniques of proof used in constitutional litigation and how to argue a violation of constitutional rights?
  • How to carry out the decisions of the Constitutional Court and how to use its legal positions to protect civil rights?

In the course of the seminar, the participants were given the opportunity not only to learn about the specific nature of the application to the Russian Constitutional Court and the main features of the case in the Constitutional Court, but they were also able to ask the questions and receive advice on the preparation of complaints.



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The seminar is conducted with support from the European Union

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