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25.04.2017 The ILPP lawyers coached and adjudicated at the Model International Criminal Court-2017

On April 21, 2017 Moscow hosted the semi-final rounds of the Model International Criminal Court (MICC) in Russian.

The six best teams were admitted to compete in the semi-finals. According to the team results, the three winning teams were selected to compete in the final round, one of those teams being the NRU HSE law faculty team was coached by the ILPP lawyer Dimitry Mednikov. Dimitry coached the team both during the written part of the competition, which involved drafting of memoranda, and during the preparation for the oral pleadings.

During the semi-finals, each team was given 20 minutes to present its position on the moot court case before the panel of judges. At the oral round, the adjudicators acted as judges of the Appeal Chamber of the International Criminal Court.

This year, the moot court case pertained to acute issues of international criminal law, in particular, 1) whether a government which took power as a result of a coup d’etat is competent to accept the ICC jurisdiction, as well as 2) whether the crime of genocide can be established in relation to the persons of a supernumerary gender, and 3) whether it is possible to hold a former child-combatant criminally liable for the actions performed in that capacity.

Moreover, the NRU HSE team received prizes for the best applicant and respondent memoranda, and the individual team members were granted the 1st and 2nd place as the best MICC oralists.


          Awards received by the team of Dimitry Mednikov          The NRU HSE team and the adjudicators at MICC-2017

The head of the ILPP litigation practice Grigory Vaypan and ILPP lawyer Natalia Sekretareva also took part at the MICC this year.

The ILPP lawyer Natalia Sekretareva adjudicated the competition at the first and second rounds as a member of a panel of three judges, and Grigory Vaypan assessed the memoranda submitted by the teams.

The final rounds of the Model International Criminal Court will take place in the Hague on 19 May 2017.

Congratulations to all participants admitted to the final rounds! We wish you new achievements and outstanding performance in the Hague!



The Russian Model International Criminal Court is held by the National Research University Higher School of Economics with the support of the International Criminal Court and the Russian national branch of the International Association for Criminal Law.

The Model International Criminal Court is a competition in international criminal law designed as a moot court imitating the proceedings at the International Criminal Court.

The competition contains three stages.

During the first round, the teams draft memoranda in support of their position, simultaneously acting in three capacities – as the representatives of the Government, as Prosecution and as representatives of the Complainant.

During the second round, the best teams selected during the first stage take part in oral pleadings and present its position on the moot court case in all three capacities before the panel of judges.

During the third and final round, the three best teams present their positions before the judges of the International Criminal Court in the Hague.


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