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22.04.2017 The 68th issue of the information Digest of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum has been released

The St. Petersburg International Legal Forum will be held in St. Petersburg for the seventh time on May 16-20, 2017.

Among the informational partners of the Forum are the journals International Justice and Comparative Constitutional Review published by the Institute for Law and Public Policy.

The 68th edition of the information Digest of the SPBILF informs what program is being prepared for the Forum participants on May 18, 2017. On this day the Council will meet to improve the arbitration proceedings at the Ministry of Justice of Russia.

The Council consists of acknowledged experts in arbitration, representatives of leading research and educational entities. corporate lawyers, bar and consulting firms representatives, representatives of government authorities, national business associations, chambers of industry and commerce.

The participants of the Forum will be given the unique opportunity to propose the issues related to the arbitration reform, to be discussed by the Council. Most popular and relevant issues will be summarized and reviewed at the visiting meeting, and the resolutions made by the Council will be published. The proposals shall be submitted by May 1, 2017, inclusive, to

Also, the new issue of the Forum news presented a remote format to participate for those who cannot come to St. Petersburg. In the Legal Forum Live, the organizations from all regions of Russia will be able to hold a conference in their city accompanied by an online viewing of the sessions of the VII Forum. You can join 29 organizations from 23 cities that have already announced their participation in the Legal Forum Live 2017. The contacts are listed on the website of the the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

The new issue continues the column Invitation from Moderators, which acquaints readers with the discussion sessions of the Forum.

The Digest of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum is an online platform for the information and comments on the Forum, on the events and changes in the legal field, on the implementation of legislative initiatives and the development of the legal market. These events are reflected in the Program of the Forum and on the pages of the information Digest, which allows us to conduct a dialogue with everyone from the Russian and international legal community who is interested in the Forum on issues of concern.

The subscription to the regular mailing of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum is available following the link.

The questions and suggestions can be sent by e-mail to or by phone: +7 (812) 449-36-21.

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