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18.10.2016 The practical guide for journalists "Coverage of Constitutional Litigation" has been published.

The practical guide for journalists "Coverage of Constitutional Litigation", by Olga Podoplelova, Senior associate of the Institute for Law and Public Policy, and Andrey Rumyantsev, Deputy chief editor of Comparative Constitutional Law, has been published.

The purpose of this practical guide is to give the journalist an idea of ​​the key features of the constitutional lawsuit in a structured manner and on how to obtain a variety of information on the activities of the Constitutional Court; as well as to highlight some of the issues on preparing training materials on the Court.

The guide contains theoretical information and practical advice required to produce quality information materials of different genres on the Russian Constitutional Court. The features of its activities are covered: its jurisdiction, trial stages, kinds of decisions and their execution order. Particular attention is paid to aspects helping to get and interpret the information on what is going on in the Court. The attachments contain some documents regulating the work of the Court, as well as a number of additional materials with some important topics covered in more detail.

The guide is intended for those involved in covering constitutional litigation in Russia, namely journalists, bloggers, authors of subject headings on websites, etc. It may be helpful for individuals with a basic legal education, and without it.

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