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06.09.2016 The seminar ‘How to Defend Rights in Strasbourg? From a Formulation of Violations up to a Filling an Application Form’ was held in Moscow on 4-5 September, 2016.

A special seminar for advocates and practicing lawyers ‘How to Defend the Rights in Strasbourg? From a Formulation of Violations up to a Filling an Application Form’ was held in Moscow on 4-5 September, 2016.

The seminar was attended by 22 participants, including bar association members, practicing lawyers and NGOs lawyers (from Volgograd, Inkutsk, Kirov, Lipetsk, Moscow, Omsk, Rostov-on-Don), as well as representatives of the academic community (Omsk Law Academy, Moscow State University).

A team of experts in the field of litigation in the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) worked with the participants at the seminar: Maria Voskobitova (Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Russian Foreign Trade Academy, Department of procedural law) and Kirill Koroteev (Legal Director of the Human Rights center ‘Memorial’, responsible for litigation in the ECtHR).

At the seminar participants reviewed some successful strategies of defending human rights in Strasbourg.

A number of articles of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms (art. 3, 5, 6, 8) were analyzed at the seminar, which was helpful for both civil and criminal defense lawyers. Participants had an opportunity to discuss some specific cases.

The following questions were covered at the seminar:

  •  What are the admissibility criteria for bringing a complaint to the ECtHR?
  • What are the specific requirements for legal argumentation in ECtHR?
  • What typical mistakes in filing the application do applicants make and how can an applicant avoid them?
  • What are the specifics of litigation in the ECtHR?

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Photo: Institute for Law and Public Policy


The seminar was organized with the support of the European Union

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