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01.12.2015 A new report of the ICJ on the reform of legal profession in Russia

The International Commission of Jurists issued a report Towards a Stronger Legal Profession in the Russian Federation which followed a mission to the Russian Federation in May 2015

After three reports dedicated to various aspects and issues of the judiciary in the Russian Federation, the ICJ through the mission, and this report, has turned its attention to the problem of the legal profession at a time when significant changes in the profession are under discussion. Russian scholars and respected experienced lawyers as for instance Tamara G. Morschakova already raised such questions about reforms of the profession in particular in the article “Constitutional Foundations of the Qualified Legal Assistance System’s Organization and Reformation in the Russian Federation”, which could be found in issue №5(108) 2015 of Comparative Constitutional Review Journal.

The report analyses the legal framework governing the legal profession in the Russian Federation, and discusses practical issues raised during the mission. It should be noted that at the time the mission was in Moscow, a round table together with the Institute for Law and Public Policy was held. It was attended by more than thirty professional lawyers, including representatives of the ICJ in the different countries of the world, the American Bar Association in Russia, unit senior adviser for Human Rights under the United Nations system in the Russian Federation, the Council of the Bar Association of the City of Moscow and the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation, independent researchers and think tanks, journalists of specialized media.

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