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Crystal Themis (Goddess of Justice) Competition

The Institute for Law and Public Policy conducts the Moot Court Competition on Constitutional Justice Crystal Themis for students' teams of law schools of the Russian Federation 


                                       Competition Chronology



The Annual Moot Court Competition on Constitutional Justice for Law Schools of the Russian Federation Crystal Themis has been held since 2011.

The Competition is a unique project conceived as an annual competition for student teams of law faculties of the Russian universities, held on the national level in the Russianlanguage  and dedicated to practical aspects of modern constitutional law and human rights. The Competition concept is developed by the participants of the educational project Comparative Constitutional Law: Theory and Methodology in the Context of Constitutional Reforms (2009-2012), successfully implemented by the Institute for Law and Public Policy with the assistance of the International Higher Education Support Program (Budapest). Gradually, it is becoming one of the most significant events in the legal world of Russia, rapidly expanding its geography. The teams from 93 Russian universities took part in the Competition from 2011 to 2018. 

The Competition is held in the form of a game of constitutional litigation. The experts select the best teams on the basis of procedural documents prepared. Before 2016 these teams met face-to-face at the semi-final rounds in St. Petersburg. As a result of the semi-final rounds the two leading teams played the final round at the Russian Constitutional Court to determine the winner of the main Award Crystal Themis. The Prize is a timeless and it remains in the school prepared the best team. In addition to practical skills and improving theoretical training such competitions give students the opportunity to show themselves in front of potential employers.  Since 2017 the final stages of the Competition are held at Law Faculty of Moscow State University..

The judges and the jury are leading experts in the field of constitutional law and justice.

The winners of the Annual Moot Court Competition on  Constitutional Justice became the teams of the National Research University "Higher School of Economics" (2011), St. Petersburg State University (2012), Ural State Law Academy (2013), the National Research University "Higher School of Economics" - Saint-Petersburg Branch ( 2014), Ural State Law University (2015-2017).



Competition Organizers

tel. +7(495) 608-69-59; 608-66-35
fax +7 (495) 608-69-15
Post Address: 129090, Moscow, P.O. Box 140
Address: 8, Shchepkina St. Moscow 129090 Russia

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The Moot Court Competition on Constitutional Justice 'Crystal Themis'
The Moot Court Competition on Constitutional Justice