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"Sravnitel'noe konstitutsionnoe obozrenie" (Comparative Constitutional Review) Journal

Subscription to the Journal by 2019


In the editorial board subscription to the journal is available from any of the issues, both print and electronic version.

Subscription to the electronic version of the journal is avaible through e-mail. 

Subscription period

Subscription price for individuals*

Subscription price for legal entities*

for a year (6 issues)

5 040 RUB

5 850 RUB

for half-year (3 issues)

3 060 RUB

3 420 RUB

for 1 issue

1 100 RUB

1 200 RUB

Not subject to VAT (Chapter 26.2. The Tax Code of the Russian Federation).

Subscription to the print version produced in all post offices

• by the catalog of Agency "Rospechat" "Newspapers. Magazines", subscription index in the catalog – 80643.

Through an alternative Agency subscription:

• LLC "Agency "Ural-Press" Phone: (495) 789-86-36 •


CIS and Baltic states

Subscription to the journal is available

• through catalogs of Agency "Rospechat" "Newspapers. Magazines" and "Russian Newspapers & Magazines" in post offices or on the Agency's website on the Internet: subscription index in the catalog – 80643.

• through CJSC "Informnauka". Phone: (495) 787-38-73 •

Foreign countries

To foreign countries a subscription to the journal is issued:

• through CJSC "Informnauka". Phone: (495) 787-38-73 •


The journal "Comparative Constitutional Review" is available in Russian universal scientific electronic library. Our readers can order the full text of any article with the help of an electronic catalog. Available editions for 1999-2013 years. The pages of the journal in an electronic catalog: Comparative Constitutional Review, Constitutional Law: East European Review.

To order an article, you should:

1. Sign up. User registration is a necessary condition for obtaining access to the full texts of publications. The registration page.

2. Pay for the order. You can use three types of payment:

• using electronic Robokassa service (a service that allows you to make payment in any e-currency via SMS, via the Contact money transfer system or through instant payment terminals),

• through any branch of the Sberbank (or another Bank that accepts deposits from individuals),

• as well as directly in the office of the Russian universal scientific electronic library. The details of the payment you can read on the page.

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