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"Sravnitel'noe konstitutsionnoe obozrenie" (Comparative Constitutional Review) Journal

About the Journal

"Sravnitel'noe konstitutsionnoe obozrenie" (the Comparative Constitutional Review) Journal is a leading Russian scientific periodical  in the field of law, political science, economics, history, philosophy, dealing with the actual and complex issues related to the functioning of the modern state and the legal position of human in it.


This journal has been published by the Institute for Law and Public Policy since 1993. Prior to 2003, the magazine was called "Constitutional Law: Eastern European Review" and contained translations of articles from the journal of East European Constitutional Review (ceased to exist in 2003).

Among the regular authors and readers is leading Russian and foreign experts in various fields of law, political science, as well as beginning young scientists and researchers. The journal has established itself as an academic publication, offering a deep and diverse articles and combines classic approach to scientific materials with analysis of current problems and new trends. The journal is widely used by professors, students, graduate students, researchers in the field of law and political science.

By the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation decision, the journal was included in the List of leading reviewed scientific journals and publications, which should be published in the main scientific results of dissertations on competition of a scientific degree of doctor and candidate of Legal Studies.

The journal is also distributed in electronic form by email subscription. 



The journal discusses theoretical and methodological issues of constitutional law, as well as the analysis of the Russian and foreign experience of constitutional development.

The focus of our experts is:

• legal-political processes in modern states;

• implementation, protection and limits of constitutional rights and freedoms;

• European and international standards in the field of human rights and the organization of state institutions;

• actual problems of development of the state and the search for the optimal constitutional-legal models;

• the role of the constitutional justice in the legal order, stability and development;

• constitutional basis for regulation of various branches of public relations;

• the implementation of the constitutional provisions and principles in the context of reforming the most important aspects of the state and society;

• human, society, state in a changing world: the development of information technologies, globalization, the threat of international terrorism, etc;

• methodology of comparative constitutionalism;

• the history of constitutional-legal and political thought.

PARTNER EDITIONInternational Journal of Constitutional Law (I•CON)

Since 2006 our official partner is the International Journal of Constitutional Law, published by Oxford University Press and New York University School of Law. We regularly represent to your attention the translations of the most interesting materials, prepared by leading specialists in the field of constitutional and international law throughout the world and published on the I•CON pages.


ISSN 1812-7126

e-ISSN 2542-1417

Frequency: 6 issues per year
Volume: 160 pages



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