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“Meždunarodnoe pravosudie” (International Justice) Journal

№ 1(21) 2017. Natalya Kravchuk. Court’s decision on the place of residence of the child: when execution is unexecutable

Natalya Kravchuk - Candidate of Science (Ph.D.) in Law; research fellow, Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Associate Professor, Russian State University of Justice, Moscow, Russia.

DOI: 10.21128/2226-2059-2017-1-96-107

Abstract. The article considers the problem of execution of national courts’ decisions determining the place of residence for the child in cases when parents are divorced and live separately. The focus is made on the analysis of the result of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers supervision over the implementation of European Court of Human Rights judgments on the cases related to non-execution of such decisions on the national level. The attention is paid to the procedure of the implementation and the position of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers in regard to which measures should be considered as adequate and lead to implementation of such judgments. The author comes to the conclusion that the problems which may appear in the execution are not determined by regional specifics and they do not require any changes in the law. is the solution fully depends of the effective coordination of the authorities within the framework of existing legislation and institutions? Measures of a general character undertaken by the Government of the Russian Federation within the frame of the implementation of the ECtHR judgments with regard to studied cases cannot be considered sufficient to prevent similar violations in the future. In the same time measures of the individual character on the similar cases differ dramatically which proves the absence of a systemic approach to the problem. In this context, the author notes cases when instead of adequate implementation of the initial judgment (and execution of the national court’s decision) a new decision should be delivered which allows ceasing the execution process.

Keywords: determination of the place of residence of a child; the decision of the court; implementation of the court’s decision; European Court of Human Rights; Committee of ministers of the Council of Europe; individual measures; general measures.

Citation: Kravchuk N. (2017) Reshenie suda ob opredelenii mesta zhitel'stva rebyonka: ispolnyaya neispolnimoe [Court’s decision on the place of residence of the child: executing unexecutable].Mezhdunarodnoe pravosudie, no.1, pp.96–107. (In Russian).


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