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“Meždunarodnoe pravosudie” (International Justice) Journal

№ 1(21) 2017. European Court of Human Rights: review of selected judgments in 2016

Reviews are prepared by Lushnikova Alexandra Igorevna, Laptev Alexey Nikolaevich, Savel'ev Ilya Sergeevich, Anna Demeneva. The editor is Nataliya Mikhailovna Secretareva.

DOI: 10.21128/2226-2059-2017-1-25-44

Abstract. Mezhdunarodnoe pravosudie Journal introduces a section containing reviews of the European Court of Human Rights judgments of particular importance for the Russian legal system. For the first issue of the year, the Journal has selected five judgments adopted by the Court in 2016. First review deals with the judgment in the case of Wenner vGermany on the prohibition of inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment in the context of medical treatment in prisons. The next review deals with Žaja v.Croatia judgment relating to inconsistent interpretation of the obligations of persons under Croatian customs regulations. Then, in the Irina Smirnova vUkraine judgment the Court dealt with the question whether harassment of the occupant of a flat by the co-owners can rise to the level of Article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights violation and violate the right to respect for private and family life, while in judgment of Magyar Helsinki Bizottság vHungary the Grand Chamber looked into whether the right of access to State-held information might be crucial for the protection of the freedom of expression. Finally, in the Béláné Nagy vHungary judgment the Grand Chamber answered the question whether depriving a person of disability benefits as a result of the introduction of a new law is contrary to Article 1 of the Protocol No.1.

Keywords: medical assistance; inhuman or degrading treatment; no punishment without law; foreseeability of the law; respect for private life; domestic violence; access to information; peaceful enjoyment of possessions; social payments and benefits.

Citation: (2017) Evropeyskiy Sud po pravam cheloveka: obzor izbrannykh postanovleniy 2016 goda [European Court of Human Rights: review of selected judgments in 2016]. Mezhdunarodnoe pravosudie, no.1, pp.25–44. (In Russian).

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