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“Meždunarodnoe pravosudie” (International Justice) Journal

№ 1(21) 2017. Oscar Parra Vera, Patricia Tarre Moser. Inter-American Court of Human Rights: practice review 2016

Oscar Parra Vera - Legal Team Coordinator – Executive Secretary – Special Jurisdiction for Peace, Bogota, Colombia.

Patricia Tarre Moser - LL.M, Associate at Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Intern at Inter-American Commission of Human Rights, San-Jose, Costa Rica.

DOI: 10.21128/2226-2059-2017-1-14-24

Abstract. The article focuses on the case-law of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights from 2016. Throughout this period, the Inter-American Court faced many issues of very different nature. For example, in the case of Workers of Hacienda Brasil Verde v. Brasil the Court examined the enforcement of laws prohibiting slavery and forced labor through the prism of the modern interpretation of these concepts. Further, in I.V. v. Bolivia, the Court confronted the issue of forced sterilization of women and the need of an informed consent of the patient in sterilization procedures. The Court also tried two cases of discrimination based on sexual orientation. In one case, Duque v. Colombia, the discrimination has led to the violation of the right to social security, and in the other case, Flor Freire v. Ecuador, the discrimination was related to the service in the armed forces. Some cases, which were related to the forcible abduction and disappearance of people, opened new aspects for the ICHR practice in this field. A rather new phenomenon in the Court’s practice was the increasing caseload related to the access to medical treatment and reasonable measures for proper treatment of people with disabilities. This short survey is far from a detailed or exhaustive analysis of all the cases tried and decided in 2016, but is merely a review of some new aspects of the case-law of the last year. This paper shows also some dissenting or partly concurrent opinions of the ICHR judges revealing some new approaches in the Court’s jurisprudence.

Keywords: Inter-American Court of Human Rights; slavery; forced labor; sexual orientation discrimination; forced sterilization.

Citation: Parra Vera O., Tarre Moser P. (2017) Mezhamerikanskiy Sud po pravam cheloveka: obzor praktiki za 2016 god [Inter-American Court of Human Rights: practice review 2016]. Mezhdunarodnoe pravosudie, no.1, pp.14–24. (In Russian).


Sandoval C. (2017) Two steps forward, one step back: Reflections on the jurisprudential turn of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on domestic reparation programmes. The International Journal of Human Rights, 11 January, pp.1–17. Available at: (accessed: 11.01.2017).

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